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As “Webs And Threads” has grown in its short existence, it has become clear that another blog was needed, a new place for sharing my travel adventures. My trip to India happened nearly simultaneously with the beginning of “Webs And Threads” and was so amazing that I wanted to share that with readers even though the blog was intended as one devoted to art and textiles.

So, finally, the new sister blog to “Webs And Threads” is launched.

WEBS AND THREADS TRAVELS” seems the logical way to create continuity with this blog. I hope that you will visit it as well. There you will find, in coming posts, more about India as well as Morocco and France.

I would like to share some interesting travel experiences from the past as well as the future. As always, it isn’t simply going to a new place but the people and events encountered that make traveling so memorable. I hope you will enjoy some of those that are special to me.

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