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As I was watching the underwater images of the tragic Gulf oil spill it occurred to me that some of the images from the “Black Drawings Suite” bore an amazing resemblance to the dark plumes billowing from the broken pipe.

BLACK DRAWING II 2007  Pastel on paper 30 x 22″

This made me think of how often artists unknowingly can portray events, past, present, and future, about which they seemingly have no actual knowledge. These levels of “knowing” are to me, similar to the information received in the dream state or as a result of them.

In making this series of drawings I began thinking of the “stones” used in the “Analogy” Series from  THE THREADS PROJECT. These drawings derived from the shapes of stones but soon evolved into a broader interpretation. “Black Drawing I” and “Portent”, below, as well as others in the suite, evokes a sensual presence, a space inhabited, occupied.

PORTENT 2007  Pastel on paper 30 x 22″

 These two drawings suggest smoke or perhaps, in a timely fashion, the billows of escaping oil beneath the sea.

The description of them written for my page on the online Viewing Program for The Drawing Center suggests more:

“These black images recall not only the solidity of the earth but also summon human imagery, both seen and unseen. These are images of change and transformation, whether within the physical realm or beyond.”

 The color black has long played a role in my work, particularly the drawings. It has been a symbol and expression of not only the usual visions of night and darkness, but the interior landscapes of dreams, the screen of our mind from which we “see” the unseen and the imagined.

“The Black Drawings” evoke not only these realms of dreams but the presence of the body, in its substantial form as well as the invisible, cellular.

In the most elemental form, these drawings suggest, remind, bring associations of phenomena, a porous definition of what is perceived by our senses.

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