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At last, a post. It has been a busy and challenging summer, and somehow painting has not been much a part of the last month or so. Between an amazing week in Paris in mid-May with incredible museums and exhibitions, and family events, there has been little time to do much more than look longingly at the nearly-finished “Red Delta”.

But the painting is finished, joining the series of TIDEMARK and DELTA. “Red Delta” continues the use of textural contrasts, patterns of dots, and the usual obsessive mark-making that began with the  series of canvases such as DREAMING OF INDIA.

As with the earlier “Delta”, “Red Delta” is a square, thirty inches by thirty inches, one of my favorite sizes and shapes. Borrowing from an architect’s description, I like the “gravity” of the square, while this size is large enough to evoke a presence without inviting huge expanses to complicate the complexity of layers and marks.

RED DELTA 2011 Acrylic on canvas 30 x 30"

Although the actual act of painting has been fairly absent for a while, the mental work of painting has not, nor is another part of art-making, digital photographs. The next work in painting seems to point in the direction of a pair, one black, one white, but continuing the type of surfaces of the “Delta” pieces. Meanwhile, I have just finished a new book of inverted photographs called “The Other Side of Paris”. I will post a link and information on this project as soon as the initial proof copy has been received.


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