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I’ve always been fascinated with the stop-action films that record the creation of a work of art such as a painting, drawing, or collage by filming the smallest changes as the work is completed, inch by inch. This is, I suppose, more interesting when the work involves the kind of obsessive mark-making that seems to rule my work these days.

Like many of the pieces that belong in “The Threads Project”, these paintings recall the process of accretion. Whether using thread in “thread-stitches” that slowly build the object or image, these new paintings accumulate dots of color to create complex patterns. And while the idea or image that inspired them may be apparent, the actual process may lead to other directions, leaving the origins perhaps only faintly discernible by the time the painting reaches its conclusion.

By now the newest painting, called “Nebula”, a word that conjures up the whirling masses of the Universe, has taken many new turns. While the original staining called up far more minimal interests of the past, obsessiveness claimed this work as the process continued.


Works immediately preceding this painting can be seen in a new Page which has a slideshow and gallery of images.



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