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“Rift” is a word which can indicate a split, a chasm, or an opening. A “rift” can describe a crack or fissure in the earth, a break in the clouds, or when relating to humans, a separation.

While working on this new work on paper, I felt that I was foundering. While I loved the wonderful wrinkled texture of my favorite Okawara paper, this piece refused my efforts to find a conclusion. After days of study, turning, observing, late one night I decided perhaps it would be better to divide the whole into two vertical pieces.  More study, observation…days of it. The solution came on another very late night when I decided to mount the two, separated from each other. Wetting the paper along a straight edge helped me tear  a soft edge, preserving the beautiful quality of the paper.  With that, I still debated.

Finally, seeing a half-sheet of the Okawara, I floated them onto it’s beautiful “naked” surface and found the solution. Once mounted, the space between seemed to somehow allow completion in a way I never expected. The two separate sections spoke to each other, complemented each other in a way that the unaltered work did not.

And again, after some days of contemplation, the title suddenly came to mind~”Rift” seems right.

RIFT  2012  Acrylic on Okawara mounted to Okawara paper 36.5 x 40"

RIFT 2012
Acrylic on Okawara mounted to Okawara paper 36.5 x 40″



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