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Painting is back in my life after a rough patch. I have finished two paintings that remained unresolved, one for more than five years, and the other since last May.

My trip to Namibia in late 2005 resulted in so many memorable experiences and images. One of these was the abundance of amazing termite hills. Inspired by the landscape of this sparsely-populated desert country I thought to do a series of work both in textiles and painting. But alas, this tall, vertical painting sat unfinished and unsatisfying until now. The impetus to start again came from the last image posted, “Mind’s Eye”. This employed gold acrylic in two forms on my beloved Okawara paper. The more liquid of the two media happened to be Jacquard’s Lumiere, a paint I have used to great purpose in my textile work. I discovered that it worked beautifully on not only paper, but the rough and textured surface of the painting. I went on to pick up the last of my 30 x 30 inch canvases left unattended for months. Risking overkill, I discovered that Lumiere lends itself to subtle layering with fluid acrylics as well as various mediums.

Here are the results~


Noon-Apex  2013       48 x 24  acrylic on canvas

 NOON: APEX  2013     Acrylic on canvas   48 x 24″    Private Collection



MOLTEN 2013  Acrylic on canvas  30 x 30"

                MOLTEN 2013 Acrylic on canvas 30 x 30″

Although I didn’t  make the connection while working on “Molten”, there certainly is a flavor of the textures and light of the desert observed in Namibia. Looking back, I found some of the photos taken there provide a visual memory of the dramatic landscape more than eleven thousand miles from California.

Long Shadows At Apex Farm

Long Shadows At Apex Farm

Shed Snakeskin-Apex Farm

Shed Snakeskin-Apex Farm

Termite Hill At Apex Farm

Termite Hill At Apex Farm

Kurt, Carolla, and grandson were my hosts at their forty-five acre game farm. Carolla and I participated in the first invitational, international art exhibition, Art Action-Seven Fires in Karibib in August of 2005.

As mentioned in earlier posts, one of the pieces exhibited there, from a suite of four works on paper, will now appear in an exhibition at Northern Illinois University’s Museum of Art at DeKalb. The exhibit, called “OBJECTIVE / SUBJECTIVE: Mapping as Visual Language” will show the work of ten artists from March 19 through May 24, 2013.

These works echoed the landscapes of not only the as yet-unseen country in which they were to be exhibited, but a landscape of the mind and imagination sparked by the materiality and process of paint on paper. I carried the four pieces folded into a pocket on the side of my luggage and they were hung in a stone building with clear plastic clips. The same system will display “Interior Landscape” at the museum exhibition.

FOUR MAPS FOR KARIBIB-INTERIOR LANDSCAPE 2005  Acrylic, thread on Okawara paper

FOUR MAPS FOR KARIBIB-INTERIOR LANDSCAPE 2005 Acrylic, thread on Okawara paper

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