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“OJECTIVE/SUBJECTIVE: MAPPING AS VISUAL LANGUAGE”,  the two-part exhibition at NIU’s Art Museum in DeKalb, Illinois has opened. This will continue to May 24, 2013.


Included is my 2005 work on paper, from the folded suite of four, “Four Maps For Karibib: Interior Landscape”. This was exhibited in Karibib, Namibia in 2005.

FOUR MAPS FOR KARIBIB-INTERIOR LANDSCAPE 2005  Acrylic, thread on Okawara paper

FOUR MAPS FOR KARIBIB-INTERIOR LANDSCAPE 2005 Acrylic, thread on Okawara paper

The museum announcement describes the exhibitions:

“Contemporary artists utilize the visual and conceptual language of mapping to respond to both real and imagines spaces. Artists included: Erin Coleman-Cruz, Nancy Engstad, Adam Benjamin Fung, Ilana Halperin, Donna Katz, Ray Klimek, Dan Miller, Dan Mills, Ben Rosecrans, Ken’ichiro Taniguchi, and William Walmsley.”

A parallel exhibition, “MAPPING: MEASURING ACROSS PLACE AND PERIOD, INFORMATION, NAVIGATION AND GEOGRAPHY” opened on April 4 and continues as well to May 24.

“Focuses on the utility and aesthetics of ancient and modern maps and explores contemporary artistic interpretation of maps and mapping devices. This exhibition is organized by the Art 656 Museum Exhibition and Interpretations graduate students enrolled in the NIU Certificate for Museum Studies.”

The museum also describes their mission:

As an art museum belonging to an academic institution, the dual roles of NIU Art Museum are to contribute significantly to the university’s educational curriculum, and to provide opportunities for art education and cultural enrichment to the people of the northern Illinois community. The Museum serves to educate, preserve, exhibit and enlighten by balancing the challenges of contemporary art with the riches of traditional media for comprehensive examination of visual culture.”

The museum has an impressive calendar of events in conjunction with the Mapping Suite Exhibition, including gallery talks and workshops. Also scheduled are an informal talk by George and Mary Ritzlin, dealers in antique maps, talks by Gerald Brauer, an art historian and map collector, and programs by James R. Ackerman, Curator of the University’s Hermon Dunlap Smith Center for the History of Cartography,  Newberry Library, and Diane Dillion, Director of the Scholarly and Undergradute Programs, also of the Newberry Library.

Workshops provide events and activities for both children and adults, fulfilling the museum’s mission to focus on the educational opportunities of the exhibitions. Included are “Mapping: An Artmaking Adventure”, a three-day workshop for 9-12 year-olds.

“Aimless Wandering: The Theory and Practice of Getting Lost” is a workshop for adults with Karen Brown and Sarah Evans of the university faculty.

Peter Olson, co-curator with Heather Green, sent along a link of Flickr photos of the exhibition: 

It is an impressive curatorial effort and an amazing collaborative effort with the university’s faculty, libraries, and staff.

I am pleased to be included in this intellectually and aesthetically challenging exhibition. Each of the artists brought another dimension to viewers. The perception and definitions of “maps” and “mapping” was most certainly expanded by the work presented.

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