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After more than three years, I have updated the Page which previously was titled “Textile Design Notes and Gallery” is now PROCESS AND MATERIALITY~PAINTING AND DYEING.

The new Page illustrates my wish to dissolve boundaries between materials and processes, to broaden the ideas of what defines art as artists, “craftspeople”, designers, and Makers of all creative bents continue to show in the Twenty-First Century.

GEMSTONE dyed silk c.1997

GEMSTONE dyed silk c.1997   

“Gemstone”  is one of the first textiles which I considered as a unique work of art.

ARCHIPELAGO 2012 Acrylic on Okawara paper

ARCHIPELAGO 2012 Acrylic on Okawara paper

The newly-updated Page has links to Posts which show the evolution of early textile work to  recent acrylic paintings on paper and canvas.


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