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This is not the Post I had in mind, or even begun, but perhaps it is a better one.

There is no separation from the making of art, the subject and focus of this blog, and the personal existence of the writer. I write as I “come back” after nearly a year’s absence from the blog. It was not a good year. It was a year of personal crisis, illness, death, and loss. It was, as a result, a year in which making art disappeared.

In the past art was always there when a crisis struck. I could retreat, go into that “space,  far from daily concerns or troubles. But not this time. This time the Troubles were too many, too insistent, too depleting. This time I just had nothing left. The well of creative energy had gone completely dry. The toll has been great, physically, psychically, emotionally.

We read a lot about the connection of body and mind, that the body reflects the inner state of being. That’s a complex belief but one that I feel is most certainly true. And I believe that a physical crisis will externalize the inner one in such a way that a person is forced to look at things perhaps hidden or denied. A physical or emotional crisis can be a turning point, a point of change.

Without the great therapy of making art I have been at a loss to find a way back from what feels like a bleak No-Man’s Land. Few guideposts exist there. I began with the simplest things, but those that we forget can heal. Birds singing in the morning, the night singing of crickets, rain, thunder, wind. The wild rush of blooming trees and flowers. Music. Silence. Sleep. Dreams.

The thing is to try to remember what joy is, what brings it and to make a place for it. It’s a guidepost in No-Man’s Land.



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