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Part of the process of starting to make art again after a long absence is, for me, to look at earlier pieces and to go through notes and drawings.

This gives me the opportunity to look at relationships and see the development of ideas over time. It also gives me the chance to see the origins of ideas and how long before, if ever, they come to fruition in one form or another.

The two newest works on paper, as of now titled “Study One” and Study Two”, follow  “Mind’s Eye”, completed at the end of 2012, which was also done on Okawara paper as these were. The idea of shaped paper seems to indicate a series in process. Looking back over earlier notes I began to see the origins of these pieces and I have included some of the notes to illustrate.

First, “Study One”~

Both use stains of fluid acrylic on Okawara paper, with gold fabric paint. This one also has been pleated as well, with the ridges highlighted with color.


2014-07-23 11.57.25

.Study 1

“Study Two” also began with staining followed by my “search for pattern”, using the gold fabric paint to define. The staining process followed by the linear use of the gold closely resembles early textile wrk with dyes and fabrics. The Okawara paper could easily be fabric in this case. This is the “affinity” of cloth and paper that relates to earlier work.

I wondered, why the choice again of a shaped piece? I realized upon looking through notes from “The Threads Project” that there already existed ideas for such pieces. This page from 2006 shows ideas that I was working on with the “stitch-mark”, the triangular stitch used first with textile pieces and then adapted to drawings, paintings, and other works on paper.

Notes-Shaped Threads Pieces 2006

(Over time, I’ve noted on these pages when the idea came to fruition. On this page is noted that “Stone”, a drawing in fluid acrylic on Okawara paper was completed on 12/06.)

STONE 2006


“STONE”  2006   acrylic on Okawara paper   39.5 x 36.5 inches


There also followed a drawing on canvas with Nupastel. I wanted to answer my perennial question of “What if?”, meaning what would the idea look like in a different medium, or support, or size, for example. ( This question gave a basic methodology to “The Threads Project“.)


SMALL STONE 2007-Nupastel on canvas 24 x 24

“SMALL STONE” 2007  Nupastel, acrylic on canvas  24 x 24 inches

The idea of pleating the paper as well as the overall surface of “Study One” made me realize again that this could well be a textile piece. And I then realized that not only was I finding my way from the earlier ideas, I was also looking forward to a new body of work for which I have been making notes for several years. Thus, the  designation of these paper pieces as “Studies” is appropriate, as will be shown in future posts.



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