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Perhaps it is Spring that does it. Perhaps just time itself with long days and nights. But at last there is a bit of optimism that perhaps the art will continue. When the “blank wall” appeared in the past some little bit of art was made somehow, but it has been a long drought this time. What seems to have happened is that I let the painting, drawing and any other physical, “manual” form of art-making go. Just turned the canvas to the wall, closed the studio door as well as that mental door through which ideas slipped into conscious awareness in the past. Even the dreams have been vacant of ideas or references. A true creative desert!

But holding onto that metaphor, an oasis seems to have appeared. The instant gratification of photography has proved to keep a path open. The subject has been with me since 2005. It is the sculpture made for “The Threads Project”, “Child Revisited”.

Let this post be a short one, to celebrate. I have written before in this blog and in the book “What The Surface Reveals: The Threads Project 2001-2007” about the significance of “Child Revisited”.

In the next few days the new book of photographs of “Child Revisited” will arrive and prove that a new chapter has begun. Once it has been reviewed, then more about the book and the photos. For now, an introduction~






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