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-Photo Gallery-The Other Side of Paris

THE OTHER SIDE OF PARIS is my book of inverted photographs taken in Paris in May 2011.

Some of the images capture brief moments of opportunity such as the photograph “Close Encounters”. Others capture the overlooked ground beneath our feet which comes alive with subtle details when the photograph’s colors are inverted. By inverting the images we see nuances that we overlook in our “normal” way of seeing.

The cover image was taken in Montmartre where not only hordes of tourists but many local teenagers were out enjoying the mild spring weather. The street is the canvas for a local grafitti artist’s references to what I assume is the recent movie “Pirates of The Caribbean”. Not only the streets but the rooftops and buildings of Paris provide artists with the opportunity for self-expression.

Visiting the Pompidou Center was one of the highlights of the trip to Paris. This stunning museum holds a marvelous collection of contemporary European and American art, including a wonderful painting by Chuck Close, whose work I have admired for decades. This photo was truly a “photo opportunity”. When I saw this gentleman near the Close painting I immediately asked if he would pose in front of it. I think the title “Close Encounter” says it all!

“Close Encounter”

and its amazing inverted mate~

I noticed later that the man in the photo wears glasses quite similar to those worn by the artist in an early self-portrait that I saw in the mid-Seventies.

This Chuck Close self-portrait from an exhibition at  The Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, about 1974, was also in my own archive for years. I never imagined it would come back into my life later in such an interesting way.

While looking up at the incredible installation of Anish Kapoor’s “Monumenta” in Le Grand Palais was what most people wanted to do I took a moment to look down at the floor of this huge space. This photograph captures the marks of the many feet that have traversed this immense venue.

The inverted image reveals “another side” of this surface.

While waiting for our “Hop-On, Hop-Off” bus I looked down at the pattern of sunlight and shadow on the ground.

Inverting this photograph of a mundane patch of earth revealed a beautiful and sensitive image of what is overlooked everyday as we go about our lives.

Another view of nature appears with this inverted pair of images from the incredible living walls of the Quai Branly Museum. Part of the exterior walls are “gardens” of living plants. This pair of images shows a small section near the base of the building at the pavement level.


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