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August 3, 2013~

I write to update this Page which was published on Webs And Threads on March 9, 2010 . I have edited this page to reflect more accurately the ongoing evolution of the work which has taken place since then. The original Page described the beginning inspiration to work with dyes and paints on silk as textile design. I considered my textile designs to be unique works of art as much as a painting on canvas. Then, with silk and dyes as my support and medium, as now, with paper and canvas, the properties and process remain paramount.

The Page’s images of early design work, dyeing on silk, illustrate the link between my approach with dyes on fabric and the recent work in painting with fluid acrylics on both canvas and paper. Numerous Posts illustrate the relationship with painting in such works as Tidemark, Mind’s Eye, the triptych Dreaming of India, and other paintings on paper and canvas which feature staining.

Below, an edited version of the original Page, “Textile And Design Notes”

“In January of 1989 I woke with a dream message: “You should learn how to paint and dye silk and you should start a company called Trouve’.”  I had never considered this before but always loved textiles and had used fabric in my “fine art”.  But I followed those instructions. Back in the land of “no internet” it was a task to figure out the basics, but I perservered. I loved the processes and the thrill of the results of putting color on cloth. It was a passionate adventure that continues. I have explored many areas of surface design and methods such as dyeing, painting, resists, and binding techniques. People began asking to purchase my scarves and then requesting someting to go with it..a blouse for example. The road ahead loomed into view and in 1996 I opened a small design studio called, as suggested from the dream, Trouve’. Ultimately, I began designing and sewing original garments and accessories including dresses and jackets in silk, velvet, cotton, and rayon.

In 1998 I was invited to exhibit my designs in the prestigious gallery in the oldest department store in Japan, Mitsukoshi. (Which has since closed, unfortunately.)  This invitation extended into the next year as well. In the autumn of 1998 I visited Japan for the first time for an all too-brief experience in Tokyo and Kyoto.

Here are some examples, past and more current, of textile designs created since 1989~

Color on silk as an original work of art, with each being unique.

“PETRA”Silk Habotai Hand-dyed

The title was inspired by the ancient city in Jordan.  c. 1989. Collection of the artist.

Hand-dyed silk crepe de chine, 45 inches square.

Exhibited Mitsukoshi Department Store Gallery, Tokyo, Japan, 1998. Collection of the artist.

Crepe de Chine-Procion/bound resist

                     “GEMSTONE”  Hand-dyed silk crepe de chine


2 responses

  1. I finally finished looking at and reading every page of your website. Of course I didn’t understand everything. Among all your work, the “Pairs…” is still my favorite. Again thank you for everything.

    May 20, 2012 at 5:19 am

    • Hi nga,

      I just realized that I did not reply to your kind Comment. Let me know if you have any questions about the blog!

      Best regards, Nancy

      November 22, 2012 at 10:18 am

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