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-Child Revisited

The art we make over a creative lifetime often has deep connections that are not apparent even as we make our images. It is with some time and distance that we can see the origins of ideas and symbols and chart the development of work we have done. “Child Revisited” is an example of a work that marked a great resolution as an artist.

The making of “Child Revisited” seems to me to be somewhat of a little miracle. This mannikin turned up at exactly the appropriate time, in a form that provided closure to something that happened three decades earlier. In fact, finding both the doll and the mannikin, in their respective times and places, seems miraculous in giving me specific materials for expressing some of the deepest fears and wishes I’ve carried over my lifetime.

It isn’t something often considered, I suppose, but is something to think about in uncertain creative moments; we do seem to find our ways in manners that are mysterious and beyond our understanding-much like the dreams which inspired these pieces.

So, a brief description of one of those amazing links from present to past, “Child Revisited”:

“More than thirty years ago I created a small sculpture of a wrapped infant using an antique doll.

This doll came into my possession at a time when it seemed my creative life would be denied and I was having a recurring dream of a still-born, mummy-like child.

In 2004, as I prepared for an exhibiton of “The Threads Project” at The National Arts Club in New York City, a new “child” came into my life in the form of a store mannikin.

Without thinking of the implications other than that I wanted to add a sculpture to the various experiments with materials and processes with the Threads ideas, I began to unwind a large spool of thread and re-wind it onto the mannikin which had been covered in strips of cotton gauze and acrylic medium. I suddenly realized that  “Child” was the emblem of a creative life that not only had not been denied but marked the accomplishment of a considerable body of work,”THE THREADS PROJECT“.

~from “What The Surface Reveals-The Threads Project 2001-2007“, my book documenting this body of work.

CHILD REVISITED  2004   Thread, cotton, acrylic on mannikin 34 x 13″

CHILD c. 1974   Antique doll, muslin, batting, acrylic, cardboard box 7.5 x 6 x 3.25″

Further details about the original box sculpture of “Child” can be read on the Page, \”INSIDE THE BOX\”


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