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THREADS-WEB DRAWINGS-“The Stitch-Mark” On Paper

Acrylic, tulle, cotton, thread on silk 35 x 68

Detail: RIVER, STONES 2003-2004

As the work of  THE THREADS PROJECT developed from about 2001 to 2007 the invention of a mark I call “the stitch-mark” led to a large number of works on paper and drawings.

This began as a spontaneous type of stitch used on my textile pieces which I related to drawing on fabric. This triangular stitch, the stitch-mark, could vary in lengths of each side, giving great possibility for covering large areas of the fabric (and also paper in some cases) and for great expressive variation. From using this mark with thread I began to translate this to drawings and paintings.

This page gives a more accessible gallery view of the works which developed using this “stitch-mark” or “web” motif on paper.

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