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WordPress’s invitation to post on the subject of “Silhouettes” has “forced my hand”.

Deep in the archives of photos in my computer reside those that I have been planning to use in an in-depth series of posts on this very subject.

While most of Webs And Threads has been devoted to drawing, painting, and other of my more “traditional” (for lack of a better word!) art practice, there also exists my work in photography. Most of the photographs published on this blog have dealt with investigations of inverted photographs. Two books, “The Other Side of Paris” and “Inside Color” document some of these photographic experimentation.

A few years ago I began taking photos “in the dark”. One series of these night photos features  a kind of self-portrait.

Across from my apartment, just over a wonderful patio garden and in the shadow of two five-story avocado trees lives an elderly neighbor. His kitchen is lit with a bare bulb and he leaves this window uncovered. This intense light shining through my bedroom window created shadows of the blinds and led to experiments with my unfortunately inadequate-for-night camera. However, I decided to work with it the best I could and the resulting images are noisy but evocative. In fact, the grainy quality calls to mind the surfaces of some of my very early drawings.

Silhouettes have appeared in drawings very early on so it is not surprising that the idea took root in the dark as I saw myself cast as a shadow against the door of my apartment.

As mentioned in the last post, Italy is on the agenda, so with this post, just a taste of longer attention to these photographs.


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